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Kia ora koutou,




We have an update for you regarding the studio and online classes.


From tomorrow, Tuesday 24th, at 9.15am (Therapeutic Pilates) we will be streaming our classes online. Depending upon demand, we may reduce class time offerings but for now, all classes are moving ahead. Please refer to our schedule page on our website for updates.


If you were registered for a class running tomorrow or in the future, please check that you are still enrolled in that class. If you’re not and you’d like to be, please re-register yourself. If you need to cancel, do so by logging in to your account on Studio Bookings (app or browser) and making that amendment. 


The easiest way to book in / cancel / check balance / buy class passes is via the app. Download Studio Bookings from the App Store. Search for The Body Garage and log in with your email address and password.


As a courtesy, we have extended all class passes by 30 days and this extension is valid even if you join us online in the next 4 weeks. We will be revisiting this extension as the situation evolves.


If you become unwell or need to care for someone who is unwell, please send us an email an we will pause your class pass until you can return to classes.


For everyone with active class passes, you can use your current pass to book in to our online classes. 


We are also offering a deal of $15 for a single class and $120 for a 10 class pass. These passes will only be valid for our online classes. You can purchase these passes on our website here.


All online classes require you to sign up one-hour ahead of time. You can use your current class pass to book in to online classes just as you would normally - via the website or app. We will then send out the private link to your email address 15-30 minutes before the class is set to begin. 


At this stage, all classes will be live streaming via Zoom. You can watch on your desktop / laptop via your preferred browser (Chrome, Safari, etc). You can also download the app - ZOOM Cloud Meetings - to watch via your mobile device. I encourage you to get all downloading (desktop / mobile) sorted prior to the start of class - this is why we will be sending you the link a full 15-30 minutes before the class begins. The teacher will not be available to problem solve with you right before class is set to start. If you have issues joining a class, please send us an email and we will get in touch after class ends.


We are on a steep learning curve here so your patience is very much appreciated. It will be strange for us not to be teaching to you in-person but we will find our flow, as will you.


Okay, things you will need to do before you start your classes:


Find a space to practice in. It just need to be as big as a mat. You don’t need a mat, just the ground will do. You can even pop a towel on the ground if you like. If you can, create a space where you won't be distracted - close the doors, turn off the phone. We know, with everyone home, this could be challenging but do your best.


We use props but we'll be running prop light and some prop free classes. In our class invite to you, we will let you know what props you will need. Here are some alternative to our most common props. 


MFR balls - tennis balls 

Mini Stability Ball - Children’s ball

Yoga Strap - Belt, tie from a robe, rope

Block - Thick, hardback book

Bolster - Grab a couple of pillows

Blanket - Blanket or a couple of towels


If you are really keen to keep up a regular practice but don’t have the props, we may have two options. First off, you can order the following props from us and we will endeavour to confirm delivery once we hear back from our suppliers regarding shipping. These are the props we will be ordering:


TRIBE Mat - $106 (RRP $119)

Cork Block - $32 (RRP $36)

Set of MFR (Massage) Balls - $33 (RRP $37)

Mini Stability Ball - $26 (RRP $29)

Resistance Loop Band - $16 (RRP $18)


If you'd like something from the list, we need your order by tomorrow, 24th @ 9am. 


On a limited basis and in line with current social restrictions, we may consider offering an option to use props from the studio. If we can do this to the strictest standards, you may be able to borrow any props from us for the next 4 weeks for a small charge. If this is something you may be interested in, please send us an email for more details: info@thebodygarage.co.nz


I think that’s enough to get us started. We are getting lots of emails at present so please bear with us as we find our feet in this new online world. We will get back to you soon. 


Finally, a small plea from a small business. We are all feeling the bottom line at the moment. I totally get it!  If you can, please continue to support The Body Garage by tuning in for classes. We want nothing more than to be able to open our brick and mortar studio door to you when this is all over.


In the meantime, please take good care, stay in touch, get on the mat, do your practice and keep your body moving and your mind calm. We all look forward to seeing each one of you live and in-person one day soon.


Be well. Stay well.


Kia kaha,

Prairie and TBG Team




We have decided to cancel both mums and bubs classes until further notice. Our Uplevel Pilates class has also been cancelled for the time being. We will update you with any further schedule changes as they arise.




Kia Ora Koutou to our dear community.

It is my sincere hope that you are all keeping well - in body and mind. What strange and uncertain times we are experiencing, with collective stress and anxiety levels palpable. It is our intention to remain open and offering classes until it is no longer advisable to do so. Mindful movement, like yoga and pilates, is proven to activate chemicals (endorphins, serotonin, dopamine) in our body to bring about feelings of happiness and well-being. I reckon we could all use a bit of that right now.  Mindful movement is also responsible for boosting our immune system and bolstering its ability to respond to nasty invaders, like COVID-19. The best thing you can do right now is to keep up your practice to support your mental and physical well-being!

I want to take a moment to reassure you with the steps we are taking at the studio to ensure your safety and health:

  • We are closely following the Ministry of Health's guidelines for safe practices. You will all be familiar with these now, including washing our hands frequently for a minimum of 20 seconds. 

  • Paper towels, rather than hand towels, are now provided to dry your hands. 

  • Hand sanitiser is available for use on the desk when you come in.

  • Our teachers are wiping down all high use surfaces with disinfectant before and after every class - door handles, light switches, desk tops, shelving, etc.

  • Mat/prop spray contains disinfectant. If you want to bring your own mat (and props), even better!

  • All props used in class are to be wiped down, along with the mat you used.

  • Cloths for mats and props cleaning are only being used once and then laundered. 

  • We are temporarily suspending hands on adjustments. 

  • Water from the filter will no longer be available so please bring your own water bottle. 

  • Essential oils that are proven to have very strong anti-viral properties are being diffused in the studio at all times.

In addition to all of this, from Monday, we will be limiting class sizes to 10 students. We are taking a proactive response to this situation and ensuring each student has plenty of space to enjoy a safe and restorative practice. Since class spaces are being reduced, we highly recommend booking in ahead of time to ensure your spot.

If you are feeling unwell or have been exposed to someone who is feeling unwell, please pass on coming along to class. 

If it comes to it, we are looking at options to offer you online live and pre-recorded classes to keep you moving through all of this madness. All class passes will be put on hold in the event of full studio closure. 

In the meantime, look after yourselves, get lots of rest and eat a colourful, wholefood diet. Zinc, vitamin C, D (sunshine is free), magnesium and cod liver oil all support the immune system so get your hands on some! Drink apple cider vinegar and heaps of water!

Be sure to find a way that helps you to relax, stay grounded and calm. There is a global sense of chaos and fear circulating. This stress, ironically, only weakens our immune system. Let's chose to be proactive, rather than reactive. Let's take care of each other, rather than fear one another.

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