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The Body Garage :: We Restore Bodies

The Body Garage is a collective of highly trained and experienced movement teachers. We collaborate closely with one another to give our students and clients a thoughtful, consistent and holistic experience. 


We currently offer movement classes and individually tailored private sessions as a means to support our students and clients on their journey towards health and well-being. It is our intention to weave additional alternative healing modalities (nutrition, acupuncture, etc.) in to our offerings as The Body Garage expands. 


Currently, through a therapeutic approach to movement, we support our students and clients as they navigate their way back to complete restoration of their body-mind system. Recognising the inherent value, we weave in mindfulness based breath-work and self-myofascial release (SMFR) techniques into our movement classes, further amplifying the relaxed and supportive environment at the studio.


We care deeply and genuinely for the well-being of every student and client we get the opportunity to work with. When someone walks through our door, our intention is for them to feel warmly welcomed, listened to, respected and given the encouragement and space to reconnect with and listen to their body-mind system. 


Our studio is a safe and welcoming space for everybody. It is a space where, as teachers, we encourage students to find the authentic expression of their yoga, their pilates; the movements that feel good in their bodies. Our classes are based on traditional yoga and pilates principles, with a down-to-earth approach that is accessible for all bodies, abilities and ages.


Through our movement classes we create a space for our clients to honour themselves. We guide them, through our teachings, toward a felt sense of what is nourishing, wise and advantageous for them, individually. We acknowledge that each one of our clients is unique and, therefore, requires a certain level of individualised attention and care. Even in our group classes, we strive to give our students this level of consideration. Our teachers take utmost attention to ensure everyone feels comfortable and supported.


It is our sincerest hope and intention that students leave our studio feeling deeply cared for, genuinely balanced and content within themselves. Our students return time and again to reap the benefits of this extraordinary level of care.


We invite you to come as you are and leave feeling restored.

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