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We're a boutique Pilates studio tailored for personal attention offering group mat classes and private sessions.

Therapeutic Pilates :: These classes begin by weaving together myofascial release and stretching to open and prepare the body for movement. Then the focus moves to developing core strength, flexibility, balance and stamina. Movements are presented at multiple levels which allows students to choose to work at a beginning or intermediate pace. Students learn to be aware of breathing patterns and spinal alignment while engaging the deep muscles of the core. Various props (e.g. thera bands, foam rollers, rings, blocks, mini stability balls, etc.) are incorporated to enhance and intensify the workout. No previous Pilates experience is necessary to join a mat class.

Power Pilates :: For all of our devoted pilates students who are yearning to kick their practice up a notch, Power Pilates is just for you! These classes will remain true to our roots of safe, mindful movement with a dash of myofascial release, but with a bit more burn and a bit more pace.

Blend + Restore :: The perfect class for beginners or those students working with an active injury. This class is both a blend of gentle pilates and yoga, combined with the restorative practice of myofascial release. It really ticks all the boxes. You leave feeling stronger, lighter and very relaxed.

The Blend :: This class offers the perfect blend of Yoga and Pilates, with a focus on full body optimum functioning - strength and stability as well as flexibility and mobility. We will move through standing and seated yoga postures which will be woven together with pilates movements and principles. This course will increase your body awareness, support you in developing deep core strength and reconnect you to breath-centric movement. 

Power Blend :: Get ready to move at pace, sweat and have some fun. Spinning off from our signature Blend class, this class kicks it up a notch (or two or three) so be ready to work.

Southern Man Blend :: The course is specifically designed for men who are wanting to focus on building strength, flexibility & focus. The combination of Yoga, Pilates and myofascial release creates a balance that allows us to intentionally build muscle, core strength and also release and unwind tight tissues stored deeper in the body. 

Gentle Blend :: This is a low intensity class perfect for those wanting to improve balance, general fitness, core strength and body awareness. The focus of the classes will be on building full body balance and stability, deep core recruitment and endurance, and gentle strengthening exercises for both upper and lower body. We will also incorporate movements to improve functional flexibility and restorative myofascial release. New students are required to come in for a brief health screening 15 minutes before the first class.

Private Sessions :: These are designed to deliver individualised instruction based on a person’s fitness needs, goals, and schedule. New clients are encouraged to start with the introductory package of 4 private sessions for $325 (Discount of $35).