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For the Love of Massage

With the autumn days drawing in, hunting season on our doorstep and skiing around the corner, we busy ourselves ensuring our equipment and vehicles are finely tuned and ready to go.

Have you taken into consideration the biomechanics of your body? Take a moment to ask yourself : is my body finely tuned and ready to go? Or is my body feeling a little stiff and out of alignment?

Reality is, we put everything before ourselves. Until we feel some form of discomfort and need that “fix”.

The tissues in our body mould to whichever repetitive flow we move to. Seizing up on the cooler mornings, we may feel the need move in different ways, which may lead to new sensations in the body. These new sensations can be thought of as discomfort. I hear you thinking; how can I avoid this discomfort? Well my friend, a well oiled body is one which moves with ease rather than that of rust.

Best of all, you don’t have to do anything but show up, breathe and relax in the hands of your massage therapist.

Massage therapy is a way for you to restore your body to it’s full working order. Just like you would regularly take your car to the mechanic to make sure it is safe to drive, a regular massage treatment can help maintain the structure of the body; reducing tension, improving circulation and engaging the parasympathetic nervous system. This then has a domino effect of releasing your happy hormones. So not only will you be able to move with more ease, you will also feel pretty damn good!

The services in between could be attending a therapeutic pilates or yoga class to ensure your running smoothly day to day.

Giving yourself the permission to take an hour out of your schedule, even two in a week, to give yourself some TLC can drastically reduce any feelings of discomfort in the body and reduce the risk of injury when you jump into those much loved activities you have waited so long for.

Here at The Body Garage we have all areas covered for the full warrant of fitness for every body. Driving at your own individual pace. Becoming more aware of when you can accelerate into higher intensity actives or when it is time to slightly touch the brakes, slow down and rest.

So, after checking the oil, the brakes and wheels are rolling right on your vehicle -

head to our website where you can book yourself in for a full body therapeutic massage with Amy and check out our class schedule to see what works for you. Know that you deserve to run at your absolute best too.

Don't let your body rust.

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