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MOVEMENT VIDEO - A Short Stretch Flow

Video and content thanks to our resident massage therapist, Laura Indrane.

One of the most common excuses not to stretch is the lack of time.

I find that having stretching sequence is useful and it makes it easier to develop a habit of stretching every day. Switching from one stretch to another without the need to drastically change the position saves time too.

This is my all time favourite stretch sequence with only few minor changes over 10 years. ▶️Child's pose

↘️Downward dog

↘️Hip flexor stretch

↘️Quadricep stretch

↘️Hamstring stretch

↘️Long sitting

↘️Hip adductor stretch

↘️90/90 hip stretch

↘️Spinal twist

↘️Cobra's pose

✅Child's pose

Hold each position for at least 15 sec. If you are experiencing more tension or tightness, I recommend doing 2-4 reps of this sequence. Enjoy!

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