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MOVEMENT VIDEO - Lower Back Routine

This routine for the lower back integrates both gentle movements and muscle activation.

1️⃣ Cat - cow - From four point kneeling, slowly round your back as you inhale, then begin by tilting your pelvis to slowly arch your back as you exhale. Repeat 3-4 times.

2️⃣ Bird dog - Start in four point kneeling with hands below shoulders, knees below hips, back neutral. Lift one arm and the opposite leg. Think about lengthening the limb away from the centre of your body rather than lifting them up high. Keep your spine neutral as you move. Switch sides and repeat 3-4 times each side.

3️⃣ Child's pose - From four point kneeling, lower your hips onto your heels and feel the stretch in the lower back. Optional - can add side stretches.

4️⃣ Hip bridges - Begin lying on your back with bent knees. Engage your glutes and lift your hips up, keeping your spine in neutral. After a few reps, try slowly tilting your pelvis and peeling your spine off the floor and then rolling it back down vertebra by vertebra.

5️⃣ Knees side to side - Lying on your back, knees bent and arms to your side. Keep your knees and feet together. Inhale as you twist, bringing your legs closer to the ground, exhale to come back to centre. Switch sides and repeat 3-4 times each side.

6️⃣ Knee hugs In supine - From straight legs, hug one knee in to your chest and keep the other leg straight, then alternate. Hold 10 seconds each side.

7️⃣ Hip hinge - In standing, use a broomstick or ski pole or anything similar. Put the stick on your back so it touches the back of your head, in between the shoulder blades and your sacrum. Bend forward, hinging at your hips and keep the stick in contact with all three points. The goal is to bend in hips while keeping the spine neutral. Repeat 6-8 times.

** Exercises should be pain free!

** In case of injury or pain see a specialist!

Enjoy 😊

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