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MOVEMENT VIDEO - Upper Back Mobility

Video and content thanks to our resident massage therapist, Laura Indrane.

Do you have a stiff upper back, neck and shoulders? Yeah, me too!

Do you spend longs hours at desk with rounded shoulders? Maybe you have difficulties with overhead squat?

These mobility exercises may be useful:

1️⃣ Table top rotation - Put one hand behind your head and reach up as high as you can, then lower the elbow to the opposite hand.

2️⃣ Cat - cow - From tabletop position, round your back and inhale, then slowly arch your back and exhale. Focus on the movement in you upper spine.

3️⃣ Foam roller upper back extension - Sit down and put the foam roller on your lower ribs / below bra strap. Do a few pelvic tilts to find a neutral position and then engage your abdominal to stabilise the lower back as the focus is on upper back. Inhale and slowly extend upper back and exhale. Go only as far as it feels comfortable. Then lift your hips and move down, so the foam roller is higher. This extension exercise can be done along the full length of your thoracic spine.

4️⃣ Foam roller chest opener - Lie along the foam roller in supine and rest your arms by your sides with palms up. Slowly slide arms higher and hold to feel a stretch across your chest muscles. Go as far as shoulders feel comfortable.

In all of these exercises, the foam roller can be substituted with a rolled up towel.

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