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Off the mat

Perhaps you think of your weekly Pilates or Yoga class as a way to escape the daily grind or to give yourself a little bit of you time. You’d be right. That hour or so a week you spend on the mat is exactly that. However, it could also be so much more.

Did you know that everything you practice on the mat can be taken out into this dynamic, beautiful world that is your life?

In class you may explore how the breath can carry you through a movement or bring you into deeper stillness. A certain asana may require the steady focus of balancing on one leg. A movement sequence may highlight the subtleties of gently engaging the pelvic floor or placing all of your attention on a specific muscle group. We’ve all experienced how some days it all comes together easier than others.

What if, rather than just applying these learnings in class on your mat, you expanded this attention off of your mat? Most of our daily routines require some level of balance, strength and coordination. With each step we take, we are momentarily balancing on one foot. Our core is being called upon every time we get out of bed in the morning. With every movement, large or small, there is a perfectly coordinated dance between each of our muscle groups. We do the daily stuff without a thought. Now imagine if we brought some of the awareness we experience on the mat to those everyday movements and activities.

Next time you are waiting in line at the post shop, take a moment to check in with your body. Take a couple of deep breaths and notice your feet on the ground. Shift your feet so they are parallel and hip width apart. Explore sending your weight evenly down through your feet as you float your head toward the ceiling. On an inhale feel your ribcage expand through the front, sides and back as your lungs slowly fill with air, encouraging your spine to lengthen. When you exhale, allow your body to soften and draw your attention to your pelvic floor, feeling it lift upward and inward as your belly button draws gently towards your spine. Feeling into this grounded sense of support you’ve just created for yourself. Well done!

All of our classes at The Body Garage encourage you to slow down and connect to your body. See our full schedule here. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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