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Pilates and pilates.

In our last blog we went over some of the nuances of yoga. This month we thought we’d cover pilates, which is another incredible holistic approach to caring for your body and mind system. Much like the evolution of yoga over the years, pilates has undergone many changes and interpretations. The true heart of pilates however still lies in functional movement and rehabilitation. Joseph Pilates, born and raised near Dusseldorf, Germany, was quite sickly as a child. One could glean from his history that he was destined to build the system of movement that would become pilates. Most influential to this future system, that would first become known as Contrology, was when Pilates was interned during the First World War. Part of his internment was spent on the Isle of Man working with injured soldiers who were unable to walk. He attached bed springs to the hospital beds to support the patient's limbs as they moved through exercises. These original contraptions would later influence the equipment we are now familiar with in pilates studios - the reformer, cadillac, etc.

Later, Joseph and his wife, Clara, relocated to New York and began teaching this developing system to dancers, athletes and, later, celebrities. As popularity grew, the two of them would take on interns. These interns would be a catalyst for the slow spread of pilates globally.

Now there are innumerable interpretations of pilates, pilates teachers and pilates studios. There really is a pilates style to suit every body.

At The Body Garage we tailor our classes and 1:1 sessions to fit our students. Our approach is therapeutic in nature, meaning our intention in each session is to uncover and address imbalances in the body and, over time, support you as your body heals and restores. We offer classes every day, and our classes really are for every body.

If you’re curious and ready, get in touch to find out more :

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