Tip of the Week - Calf Release

How are those calves feeling? Could they use a bit of TLC? Or perhaps you’ve been stretching and stretching them but nothing seems to help? Well, we have got a tip for you to try. You’ll need a foam roller or a myofascial release ball (a tennis ball will work too). Start by standing and doing a few calf raises just to gently warm the tissues up. From there, grab your roller or massage ball. Roll the soft part of the muscle in full length. Make sure you cover all sides of the calf muscle by turning your toes in and out to access the inner and outer side of the muscle. Once you find a tender spot, pause there, then alternate pointing your toes then pulling your toes towards your shin. This is the active release part of the movement and it is SO GOOD. Pressure is applied on the tender spot and the active movement allows focused stretch and release of restricted muscle and myofascial tissues. Do 10-15 movements on a single spot and then move on to the next one. When you’re ready, switch legs. Remember to be kind to yourself and your calves. Less really is more. This tip is brought to you by our resident massage therapist and movement teacher, Laura Indrāne @muscles_and_motion : @brookeharwoodphotography

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