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Yoga Postures



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Pregnancy and motherhood can be one of the most meaningful and remarkable experiences in a woman's life. Yet every pregnancy and birth is different and, as you progress through this journey, your needs will change.


At The Body Garage we limit our pre + post-natal class size to 10 in order to give each of you personalised attention and ensure that you get the most from each session.


Pregnancy Blend ::

This programme is one of the most effective ways to stay healthy and strong whilst minimising the discomforts associated with pregnancy. It also provides excellent health benefits for your developing baby. In class we focus on preparing mum's body for labour, birth and the recovery. We work on strengthening deep, supportive core muscles, legs and arms, tonifying and relaxing the pelvic floor, as well as stretching and breathing. It's a great mixture of Yoga postures and Pilates movements specifically tailored for pregnant women.

Mums & Bubs Blend ::

In these sessions we encourage you to bring your baby (up to 12 months old) along as classes are designed to benefit you both. The Pilates movements and Yoga postures are designed to help you get back into shape so you can better handle the physical demands of your newborn baby, along with reconnecting with your body and your all-important pelvic floor muscles.

We support you in implementing good postural habits so as to reduce the risk of post-delivery lower back and neck pain (important for lifting, changing, feeding, bathing and getting your baby in and out of the car seat). We'll also show you exercises you can perform with your baby. This is a great opportunity to meet other mums and for your bubs to make new friends. We offer both restorative and general mums and bubs classes so we can work with with women in both the early and late post-natal stages.

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