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Yoga Postures


Mens Yoga

At The Body Garage we offer Yoga for all levels and experience, our teachers are fully certified and have many hours of experience offering you personal attention throughout your class so you can get the most from your Yoga practise.

Beginners Yoga :: 

This class is for who wants to start their journey in Yoga.

You will learn Pranayamas (breathing), asanas (poses) and their correct alignment, meditation and how to bring the Yoga to your daily life, out of the yoga mat.

Dynamic Yoga :: 

Based on a strong Vinyasa flow class, dynamic flow will get your body moving. Every class will differ slightly with some focusing more on strength and power and some moving your body and feeling shifts in your energy.

Each class will leave you feeling empowered and in flow with your body and your breath


Flow Yoga :: 

Flow is perfect for those who are looking to move the whole body. The flow can be slow or fast, but it's always connected with your breathing.

Be ready to stretch and strengthen your body.

It's suitable for those who already have the foundation of asanas and their correct alignment.

Power Yoga :: 

A progressive exploration of poses through a strong and balanced flow.

Experienced yogis will be challenged, and beginners will be offered modifications. 

Yin Yoga :: 

In Yin Yoga, the poses are held for a long period of time to target the connective tissues rather than focusing on the muscles. As a result, the asanas are more passive holds, with little muscular engagement.

Combination Class

Blend :: 

This class offers the perfect blend of Yoga and Pilates, with a focus on full body optimum functioning - strength and stability as well as flexibility and mobility. We will move through standing and seated yoga postures which will be woven together with Pilates movements and principles. This course will increase your body awareness, support you in developing deep core strength and reconnect you to breath-centric movement. 

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